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Our 1990 Legacy Wagon has an exhaust leak where two pipes appear to come together. I'm not sure how this pipe is supposed to look? There are two flanges that are spearated, and the two bolts have springs on them.

Are these flanges supposed to be pressed together?




Thanks for any help!


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No they are not.


The section the right has a small length of pipe protruding out. This has a conical gasket pressed down over it. The pipe on the right has a conical shape inside and fits over the gasket.


The idea is to allow some flex in the joint, kinda like a ball and socket.


If there is a leak here, you will probably need to replace both parts. Cost me ca. $ 1200, but that's Danish prices.


You could try replacing just the gasket, but I doubt that the joint will come apart without crumbling into pieces.

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