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Rallycross photos... get em before i throw them away....

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not sure where to post this? move if needed



Hey gang...

Briefly... it's like this :)


1 - i'm moving

2 - i'm cleaning house BEFORE we move

3 - i have over 400 photos lying about that i either need to:

--get them to their proper owners

--or throw them away


see: http://www.subiegal.com/rallyphotos.jpg


there are many more where those came from!!! (trust me)

if you've rallied/rallycrossed anytime in the past 4 years....

ESPECIALLY in the NW....

likely i have more than one photo of your car...


if you want them...

I'll be happy to mail em out to you

**contact me for arrangements** jamie@subiegal.com


We all know how patient i am... no telling how much

longer i will let these lie about :)


best get em quick gang.. or they're going in the can~!! :)

cya @ wwest....




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Hi Jamie, mail coming your way. Interested in any photo's of my white '87 RX coupe or any pictures you are going to throw away.

Thanks, Mark.

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Jamie, I don't know if you have any of the Hatch when I ran it before the "Taste". But if you do I'll gladly take them. Save the stamp and send them with Gary. I can pick them up on my way home. Let me know what you have and when you send them.


Thanks, BTW, you moving North or South or staying in the same area?



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