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Ever run 17's or 18's on a 95-99 Legacy???:grin:


If so what offset can we use on them???


I'm throwing either some 17's with some 215/45/17's or 18's with 215/35/18's... But I need to figure out the correct offset!


Also.. I need some springs & struts. I heard H&R's go the lowest with a 1.7 drop. Any idea on a decent place to cop some?

Below are the three I'm plannin on running.. All 5Zigen's All JDM!:slobber:







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When I first bought my OBW, I wanted to get 18s on it, and lower it...I bet it'd look really nice :D


I hope it will.. It bronze I'ma throw Bronze rims on it. Anyone got any INFO?

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