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When I went to my friendly hometown dealer to inquire about my hesitation issue (see other thread), I was told it would cost me over $150 simply to plug my 98 OBW into their computer. Really?


Isn't there a way to read the codes without all the fancy equipment?


By the by, I asked the same dealer about replacing my timing belt. Labor alone was just under $300 and the belt was $90. Instead, I bought a belt at the auto parts store for under 50 bucks and installed it myself in just a few (anxiety-producing) hours. What's the deal with dealers' prices?

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First: Try a different dealer. Granted, it is their job to squeeze you for as much as they can, but that seems a little excessive.


Second: for half the price that they charge to pull your codes, you could get an OBDII code reader on ebay, and use it on nearly any 95 or newer car.. (94 if its a toyota)


And last: As was stated above, Autozone will pull your codes for free, and though I believe that it is against some law/rule or something for them to clear your codes, they will usually do it anyway from what I have heard.


You sound as though you are pretty handy.. you changed your own timing belts.. screw the dealer. If you have enough skill to change those belts, the dealer is only there as a last resort.

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Thanks for the info. I didn't know Autozone would read the codes for free. Now if only there were an autozone within two hundred miles... If it comes to it, I'll look into getting a reader for myself.



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