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parking brake cable

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im in the middle of my axle swap, and got the old axle out, but was able to get it out because the outboard CV wasnt even atached to the rest of the axle... so it came out in two peices, maybe a little too much fun offroad :D . Anyway, I think the only thing restricting me from getting the new one in is the parking brake cable. What do I do to get this off and not throw everything out of whack, in a little detail if possible?

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On the knuckle/strut, there's an arm that the e-brake cable goes through.


There should be a U type clip thingy holding the cable at that point. I used a screw driver/hammer to gently back it out, then used some pliers to finish it off. That gave me enough slack to unhook the cable from the caliper, and slide it back out the hole.


When you put it back together, it shouldn't throw anything out of wack, assuming you put the clip back in where it came out of.


let me know if that was(n't) descriptive enough.

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