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carb problems, TrashWagon 6

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i just replaced the timing belts, cams and oil pump seals, and re gooped a cam cover. now that i got the oil leaks to stop the carb is falling flat at rpm, or at full throttle.


it started acting up before, acted like fuel starfvation, would idle, but fall flat above 2000 rpm.


i took the top of the carb out and pulled any jets i can get to to poke them out with a needle.

the carb was orignally from an 87 wagon.....

it has 2 barrels, the fron t one i can see gas coming from, the one i cleaned. but the one towards the back, is that the secondary? i can open the throttle and it barely opens at full throttle, no gas comes out.


driving it today, if i am gentle on the gas, it does ok, but if i start off heavy into the gas, she falls flat until i start to back out the throttle.


what should i be looking fore to fix my problem. i just replaced the fuel filter.


i believe this is due to my high pressure to carbureted fuel pump swap, having a rusted steel fuel line break off when i did, and replacing that section of line with rubber hose.

what would be the first thing to clog?


when i had it apart there were two brass fittings in the float chamber, but i couldnt get them out with the tools i had at the time, and without removing the alternator bracket. suppose those are clogged?

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Erik, why don't you just completely part off Zook's ride for everything you need...(fuel lines, water pumps, etc.)

I'll bet if you parted everything out but the doors he wouldn't notice for six months.....Just don't leave the frame on blocks in my driveway....:moon:

By the way, we need to start cleaning the garage....



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dude, miles, that sounds like way to much work for me. I think I'd mess up on a hitachi 2bbl carb, there's way too much stuff.


have you tried the carb cleaner yet?

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josh, i already got the alternator and mounting hardware, the timing belts, the cam seals, the y pipe, and intake gaskets. but zook's ride is spfi! that wont do no good to replace a carburetor, unless i want to gut the wiring for it, and spfi wont plug into the existing mpfi turbo harness!

it sucks that now i got the oil spots to quit appearing all over the driveway, the damn carb dooks out on me!


i tried carb cleaner, had the top off again, but it still runs like it does. oh, well, it runs good enough for around town, having to tweak the gas pedal as i go, but at least it runs ok. once my running around is done, i will try the carb off the glf. i had plans to take the car to michigan this sunday

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I have a couple of 87's that were good when they were on the car. Problem is I cant tell them apart from the 86's I have, cause the model # lettering has worn off all of them.


If you can tell them apart, you can have one or both of the 87's. One or both should work out for you. I want to keep the 86's incase I need them for my wagon.



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