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1996 Subaru Outback

2.2 L Engine

Automatic Transmission

100K miles



I recently serviced the battery myself. When I connected back, the lights started fashing intermittenly for about 30 secs then a pause and back indefinitely, as if the car had the security system installed. In the past, under the same conditions, I had used the door power lock remote control to turn it off. However, the remote broke down recently. I had to remove one of the 15A fuses in the engine's fuse box to turn off the fashing. This flashing happens even while driving. Unfortunately, that fuse services the power lock and the power window systems. I tried locking and unlocking the doors (and the ignition) using the Master Key but it does not turn the fashing off. Any suggestions?


Also, how does one replaces the door remote control? I checked that battery is placed correctly and that it measures 12V.


Thanx again,


Eduardo in Costa Rica

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I removed the Keyless Control Module and the problem went away. I think this Unit is toasted. I may replace it or just live without it. I've gotten used to it not working anyway.



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