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Rubicon Trail Guide!!!

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Hello all. I just wanted to extend an offer to you all. The next time you plan a trip to the Rubicon, I would be more than happy to show you around. I know the trail well so if you need any help just let me know.


Tim Webster

California Creepers

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We'll keep it in mind, thanks. We'd still like to take a run with Sam and his Slinky if he'd still like to head thru with us.



Gotta say it may be a little while before we drive 1000+ miles or so to four wheeling so we can catch Hell when we make it back.



I'm glad we went in "under the radar" to the Rubicon, without alerting the big rigs and their board/s. More than one group approached us saying "Hey you guys are that group from Oregon, didn't one of you guys come over to the Pirate Board and talk a bunch?" I answered no, that the folks who had done the talking weren't present. It was weird being famous/infamous just for driving a Subaru.


But anyways, a second time thru thru a different route, be it harder or easier would be nice. The way we took to exit was pretty cool, winding, rocky, and raining like mad. It was beautiful.

Like the "Hobbit Trail" we're so fond of around here, but muuuuuch longer.


Zap :burnout:

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My hats off to you Subaru fanatics who wrestled the Rubicon...


I met you at the top of Walker where you were looking for an out and I noted you'd be better off to turn around and return the way you came in. You folks showed excellent trail etiquette in being concerned about hampering those coming in for Rubithon. My personal thanks to you for 'Sharing the Trail'. Afterall, it does not belong to Jeeps and Toyotas and tube buggies only, its open for everyone to enjoy!


and something that is more important irregardless of our vehicle of choice... is working together as off road enthusiasts to maintain and preserve all off road access to all our trails, no matter which state they reside in.


Personally, I'm glad I got to meet you and saw your trail rigs... they looked as beat up as anything else out there, including my 82 Toyota truck.


If you need someone to haul to extra parts for your next Rubicon run, you let us know, we'll be happy to oblige. I've never met Tim from the Creepers but I'm right there with him in extending an offer to help.


You Subarus Rock Hard. Certainly much harder than I would!


Again, my hats off to you and thanks for showing more trail etiquette than most. PS - your sub's looked awesome.


Tony Twiddy

Rubithon Chairman

82 Toyota that was more beat up than a subaru!

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Thanks Tony. That makes it feel like we made the right decision. Still wanna take a crack at the Little Sluece though, so chances are we'll do it again before too long.


Keep an eye out for the video I will put together out of the footage I shot while we did what we did. I'll post it here pretty soon.

After watching Robert in action, there's no more saying that Subarus can't be rock crawlers. :)


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Thanks to Tim and Tony.


We really do appreciate the fact that some people took notice of us as more than a threat. We were there for the thrill and got what we bargained for. If/when we do this again we will look you up.


Tony, it was a tough decision to turn around at that point but we decided it would be the best for all involved.



'86 Silver Brat(the little one)

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As Ken Said, Thanks for the Kudo's.....


We really wanted to do the Little Sluice, but faced with a short supply on parts, We made the decision to bail , before all your Yota groups started piling in.....


I am Going to attemp building a set of doors like you had ......I loved the Can Holder idea...:)


I for one will Definately be back in a year or 2 for sure.......

As I said in person, that trip was the first time the BEAST, had been on a trail since installing the 2.2 , Auto , and 12in. lift.....:) So there was much to be learned about its capabilities as a trail ride again......And it only really had one weak link, which I knew before hand, but hadn't had time to correct.....


I will e-mail you if your Profile has it, or feel free to e-mail me directly, as I would like to stay in contact....


Later for now, John in Oregon......


Owner of the BEAST 12inches of Lift....

nuff said...:)

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