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SUBARU Leone RX/II STi Version I

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Thats right, I've got the ONLY RX STi in the USA. :banana: :-p







Got a Forester Leather shift knob...kinda looks STi'ish with the semi-red stitching...a "JDM STi" steering wheel off ebay...and a USDM STi Version 8 TMIC. YES it IS larger than a stock WRX one...btw the WRX one is for sale now.


I just got done putting the coil overs on it, and I need to get the ride heights correct SOON rather than later...gotta get time and daylight for that.

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excellent. are you going to be at the dragon march 19th weekend?


Sadly, no. I will be at the Dragon at the main NASIOC meet which I believe is the first week of June. I will head up there with a few FL XT6 owners for the XT meet that piggybacks on the NASIOC meet.


You're in Asheville, right? That's what, a 2 hour drive for you? You could go there every weekend! :lol:


I envy you. Better part of 800 miles for me :-\

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I autox every weekend I get. If I went to the dragon every weekend, id get bored real fast. ~4 times a year is enough.

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