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Sport Coupe Erik

1.8 89 Loyale Wagon parts with a 2.2?

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Hey gang, Legacy Central sent me your way. I guess the answer is either a simple yes, or a simple not in your life pal.


A guy at my work is selling an 89 Loyale Wagon, 1.8/five speed, 170K miles for about 500 bucks. Body is ok condition, but its not what I want. Are the bell housings totally different then the later 2.2/2.5 engines? I havnt found anyone who's swapped in the larger engines, so I'm guessing its apples and oranges.





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Here's the short answer...


The engine will fit and you can make it work however the EJ22 does not mate upto the old transmissions. You will also need to swap in the Legacy transmission. An adapter plate can be made to fit an EJ22 to an older transmission also.


The conversion is possible however if you are so inclined to make a 2.2 Loyale :)

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