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interior parts from my 87

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ok i know i should prob post this in the marketplace, so if the mod feels it needs to be go ahead and move it. reason im not putting it there is because if ppl come to get the stuff it would be free (depending of course on what it is lol)

ok im about done stripping the stuff that i want out of the interior, so if nobody wants any of the other stuff its just gonna get melted down when the car goes to scrap. basically i got the auto shifter stuff, the console and pretty much the whole main dash piece that i have no use for as well as the seats it is all grey stuff in in pretty good shape. and obviously other trim stuff from inside as well. if you are close and want to come get the stuff then its free. you just gotta be here by next weekend if you want it. if i gotta pull the stuff then i will just ask for a small amount for doing it, and for the smaller stuff if you want it shipped just offer me a reasonable price plus shipping for it. i dont have alot of time to be pulling stuff since i stil have to strip all the suspension stuff off it before it goes but i will do my best

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does it happen to have the high rise console?


Highrise? I am not sure what the difference is, but I have a gray console (minus shifter piece) from my 86 manual. If it is something you want come and get it.

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