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Rhino is taking shape.....

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For anyone who cares.........


After waiting 2 months for the plans to arrive:banghead: and letting work get in the way, the Rhino Buggy is taking shape:banana:


The main space frame is assembled.

The front strut assembly is done, and it is standing on it's own feet (up front anyway).


My tape measure says 11" clearance down the center!!!!:D

This is with the front springs LOWERED all the way DOWN!!!!

and with my Stock All Season 13's!!!!

(Can't wait to put my ATV tires on 26X12X12):burnout:


The main space frame is just under 24" off the ground in the cab area.


Can't give you any details on the back, because I haven't built it yet.........But the Diff is a Lincoln! :D Thanks for the input!


My wheel base should be around 78" to 83" when I make some management decisions on length. (Four Seater Conversion)


I'm going to lower the hood by 8" for visibility reasons. I'm also thinking on a Lexan firewall.

I want to see whats in front as well as under my Sub!

Should give me good feed back on what my wheels are up to.


If all goes well it will be in Moab for an Inagural Hell's Revenge :madder: run in Mid October


After writing all this now I wanna go home and work on it

:boohoo: Think I may duck out early.....:brow:



82 Hatch, transforming....:temper:

01 Forester, jealous...:(

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Sounds way cool! U got any pic's?? How much weight can those ATV tires hold? and what rims are U using to mount them on the Suby hubs?

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I'll post pics soon.


I'm planning on using 6 ply ATV tires they are typically rated at 650#. The folks down under have been making this work. The rims I'll be using will have to be custom manufactured.


Stockton Rim out of Ca. will manufacture them for $90 each.:clap:



Or a company in Nebraska will sell me 12" blanks, no centers, for $23 to $28 depending on how wide I want them to be. I have some Trooper rims that I can take the centers out of and install these as the new centers on the 12's. Should keep my gearing the same:D



82 Hatch, transforming...:temper:

01 Forester, Jealous...:madder:

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