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87 RX trouble code ?

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Hey all,

Intially when I got the RX the check engine light was on but the thing

ran fine, so since it wasn't going to see heavy use let it go...Well, last week a local shop would check the trouble code for free(I tried once but never figured the code out) and found that it was code 22(knock sensor) and they fixed it (the wire was cut so they crimped it back together) No more check engine light...


What was strange was it ran like crap for like 15 miles afterward, then

suddenly was back to normal...Light still off....Since the weather was spring like here decided it was time to install the better carpet I had got for it....Got the old out and was going to run it to the dump but when I started the car the check engine light was back...


Again I am attempting to decipher the code and it's either 2 long blinks + one short or maybe 2 long and a very quick 2 short but the blink after the 2 long seems to be just one which would indicate trouble code 21, water temp sensor....I think I found it , (near the knock sensor correct?)


Do the wires pop off? And if so what do I use to get the connector off? Or is it just one unit ? As you can tell I'm not a super mechanic but I'm trying to learn..


Any help would be appreciated...I have done a search and have found a few items that relate ...


The car isn't overheating and temp guage stays steady in the normal range....



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