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Guest McBrat

Grizz gets another fender wrinkle....

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Guest McBrat

Friday night @ 9:45 PM. pulling a trailer. missed my turn to stay on the hiway, so went straight onto the gravel. found aspot off the gravel where I tried to do a u-turn across 2 gravel paths (1 field road, 1 house lane) that were running parallel. weeds all the same height across between the 2, swing out, start my turn. WHAM! drop 2 front tires into an approx. 30 x 30 square trench between the 2 paths. skidplate, front core support held the front end up with both front tires spinning freely, but was low enough that the back end was in the air, and the rears were just digging a rut in the gravel where they were spinning....


tried a farmhouse up the road, but no one there could pull me out, so I ended up calling my dad (where I was headed), who lived about 20-25 minutes away. used his '93 Chevy 1500 4x4 to pull me out... (didn't think the soob would have been enough because of the angle he had to be at because of the right side ditch! and the fact that I was nearly straigh across the roads, so when he pulled it felt like I would tip over since my tire was in the rut I dug))


so ended up with a wrinkle in my left side fender from the initial impact with the ditch. didn't hurt anything else...


not much for light pollution where I was at. saw something and wondered if it was the space station, and it moved way faster than a plane, and had sort of sparkling lights, rather than solid or flashing lights...

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Guest tomrhere

OWCH!!! Gotta watch those tall weeds, they can hide things real good. Ex-Brother-in-Law had simular oops, only it took a dozer to pull his '76 F250 4X4 out of the hole he found while cutting across an open field. Only about 4' deep, but it had sides on it like someone did it with a giant cookie cutter...Tom

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