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Power Steering Pump

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I've been putting off dealing with noisy power steering pump...and a little fluid leaking. Took it to a mechanic today.....they said its a good idea to replace the rack(?) as well as the pump.....something about fluid mixing and ruining seals.....quoted me nearly $800.00....or $300.00 to replace pump only. 1991 Loyale wagon 139K runs well...I love my Subaru....like to do the right thing if I can figure what that is. Wish I didn't mistrust mechanics! Thanks for guidance.

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There are others that will know more than I, they will probably jump in here and help you more that I can, but I will say this,


Before I knew how to properly bleed the pump, I was low on fluid and did not know this. So it was very noisy. I mistakenly thought I needed a new one. Price on new was too high, to I swapped in a JY pump. Still noilsy. Found out how to properly bleed them, noise gone.


The reason I mention this is because while working on the pump swap, I saw that the main seal is is just held in with a clip. So if that is where yours is leaking, a new seal would be cheap and easy to do yourself, IF they are availiable. I never found out if there is a pump rebuild kit because proper bleeding solved the problem. I would like to know though. Anybody?


If it's not leaking at the rack someplace, I'd ignore it.



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Jack the front wheels off the ground, and (with engine running) turn the steering form lock to lock a few times.

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