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So we just got in a VF40...and much :slobber::slobber::slobber::slobber: action.


The VF40 is what is on the Legacy 2.5 GT Turbo, 2005 MY.


Its not much bigger than the VF7...but flows MASSIVELY more CFMs on the exhaust side...only a teeny bit bigger...however, the compressor side is BEAUTIFUL and is definalty larger than the VF7...it looks to be TD04L-13G sized..but with a MUCH better compressor wheel.


I hope to find a used one, as there are already people out there that have upgraded the turbo on the EJ257 in their Legacy GT.

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Ummm...this turbo is no larger than the 13G. The exh side is SMALLER..and the intake side is only slightly larger.


Lag? what lag?

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