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Jack in Norfolk

Subaru dealership going out of business sale

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Roughton subaru-pontiac in Norfolk, VA is hanging it up. There may be potential to get some cool stuff from the parts dept. maybe a brushguard is stuffed at the back of a warehouse, or a cool set of rims is hiding under a pile of junk. you never know. They have 2 360s and a Brat in thier showroom, all of which are "restored". I guess restored is a relative term. The cars look nice, dont get me worn, but you can tell that they were put together to do just that, look nice. I heard they want $7500 for the brat. I could see asking $5000 because it is a nice looking red brat and it is a new car dealership so they would ask too much, but $7500 is ridiculous. Something about fresh paint and worn out subaru badges rubs me wrong, shoddy attention to details. But this could work out well for some of you guys. If I can be of assistance, let me know.


ps- I have dibs on the brat in the lot around back:brow:

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They have been obtained by Perry Buick. I know that the new Subarus are still for sale. But I was told that they had gotten rid of all thier used subes and were clearing out the property. That's why I thought there might be some opportunity for getting good deals on stuff.


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