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If I were to EFI a carb'd ea82, could I use a non soob EFI System?

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I want to EFI my soob for very little $$$$$. SPFI is not avaliable here so could I use an EFI system out of any other 1.8 - 2.0 Ltr engine?

I assume that if I got it out of a common car, like a corolla or laser, (someone from ausubaru suggested the SPFI off an early 1.6 Suzuki Swift) would make it much cheaper.


Opinions PLEASE!!!:drunk:

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if you could build stuff... hyundai/mitsubishi eclipse, is a pretty good system to work with. and they ar common over here in the yards. every hyundai i've seen has it. its mpfi, and has a map sensor. so no fancy big ari flow meters to wire in.

the hardest part would be gettin the crank angle, or cam angle sensors in there, but its totaly doable =]

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achoo cough sneeze "megasquirt" hack sneeze cough




ps... www.mseifi.com get one build one... run any darn thing you want to build ....


yep, Megasquirt would be the simplest (and most feature packed) method of doing what you're trying to do....




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I thought about megasquirt


But i still have to find all the parts, MAF, injectors, TPS, ect dont I?

Is it expencive? (remember i live on the other side of the globe)

how complicated is it?


I was thinking, if i got a complete efi from another car, installed it and used the megasquirt as a upgrade.


If I got 2 efi systems and had 2 throttle bodies (one over each head) 2 o2 sensors, 2 ecu's, ect ect. would this improve my ecconmy/power?


Im just playing with ideas at the mooment

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2 ecu's ect ect.. wow good way to over complicate things..

the megasquirt will use 2 02's and adjust each side accordingly

and yes you could run 2 tbi's.. or build your own custom tpi setup

even being across teh pond i doubt doing a homebrew megasquirt setup would cost any more than it would over ehre.. if i recall there are a few peopel over there that help distribue the kits and the pre assembled boxes

as far as i know you can run anything froma lawnlower <a few have> all teh way up to a????? not sure there is a limit

outside of not over taxing the injector drivers but witht he right injector setup and ballast resistors to help compensate for the laod some injectors pplace on the unit


btw what you thingking of is called a ir setup

independant runner it common place on v8's and small motors usually using dual or tripple barrel weber carbs

the good side is once its all tuned and synced together.. a carbed ir setup ahs awesome low end grunt plus usally breathes well at hi rpm ..


bad side is getting all those carbs synced up so they open all at once the same amount


doing a ir setup with efi is easier and get better results especially if you run a o2 sensor in each exhaust since it can compensate for changes between one side or the other on the fly



if your try and do the dual stock ecu /dual o2 setup your thinking.. you will have the problem of dumping way to much fuel in

even tho its only one throttle body per engine side .. the stock ecu would still think its feeding all four cylinders off each throttle body <if thats makes any sense>

so the result would be flooding rough running bad economy and crappy power


using a ms box to control the throttle bodies you can tune back the rate of fuel injection to suite the motor


just .0000002 cents or sumthing

just a suggestion.. go to that website i posted.. and ask questions there.. i am prety sure there are alot of vw people running this system ... and they would have better help for ya than i would i suspect.. unles your turbocharged and mpfi :)

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Im a bit slow on the uptake, but


1 ms ecu, 2 throttle body injectors (1 each above each head), 2 o2 sensors, could it be done with 1 air flow sensor? = more low end and more overall power???


Im gonna post on their site and get more info

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