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Have RHD legacy 1800 year 1991. Every couple of weeks it dies, I fiddle under the bonnet and it works again after half an hour or so. It is a Japanese import so is the single point injection, last time it died I was outside the subaru dealer in Pukekohe NZ and they said there are no fault codes in the computer, but the fuel pump relay was clicking, so they think it's the relay or the wiring to the relay. I bought the relay started the car (it had recovered by then) and drove it home. I cannot find the relay under the dash. I know it is meant to be up under the dash on the ignition side somewhere, but so far it hides well. I don't think its the fuel pump, because it runs well when it wants to, and there is no obvious logic to when it fails, sometimes when I try to drive it out of the garage cold, sometimes after about 8 or 9 ks never (so far) during a longer drive.

Any ideas, or advice on the main problem, or where subaru have hidden the relay. Oh yes, when it dies everything else seems to work ok, it turns over on the starter etc, it just will not fire.

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Don't know if it's the same trouble, just in case... I had a trouble with my 95 legacy: if I was running it for few kms, stopping it for 5 minutes, then it bloody wouldn't start again. I would have to wait for 15-20minutes before the car would seems to have recover and would then start again.

Someone in the forum told me one day that it could be a problem with the camshaft captor but could also be the crankshaft one. I had had the crankshaft replaced before and it hadn't made any difference. However, replacing the camshaft captor solved this problem, finally.


A user experience. hope this can help.


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Have you checked the plugs to make sure there is spark getting to them while this is happening? If not, I would check that out.


Sorry, I don't know where to find the FPR on this model.

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