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First I would like to thank all those who post here; I have 2 Subaru's and probably would have given up by now if not for the wealth of info you guys have posted here.



My current problem is on ongoing battle, I have a 93 Impreza with a 4EAT Trans. It has been slipping now for about 45,000 miles. The slipping is a major annoyance at times. It occurs when I’m driving on the highway between 60 and 75 MPH, if I want to accelerate to pass and hit the gas the Trans comes out of gear and is for a lack of better terms is stuck between gears. If I let off the gas it will go back in high gear, if i let my speed go down to under 60 it will let me kick in passing gear and go.



It only does this in the 60 to 75 range, if i keep my speed above 80 it works fine, hit the gas and it will downshift fine. (Easy way to get a ticket)



I read the codes in the TCU and received a code 31, 32, and 33. I replaced the throttle body with a good TPS on it and that helped with some other problems i was having like a dead spot in the acceleration but it still slips. Also just checked the VSS 1 with an OHM meter and it was good. Checked the wiring harness and it also looked ok. This week I’m going to hit up the junkyard again and get a TCU unit just for the hell of it and see if it helps. I still have to test the VSS 2 in the dash but somehow i don't think that can be causing all my grief.



And also basic stuff like Trans filter and fluid have been changed several times. When they are changed it seems to work ok for a few days and right back to its old tricks. Doesn't seem to be getting any worse, but annoying as hell.



Can anyone who has knows what my problem is or has any ideas please help.



Thank You all in advance.

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Not to familliar with autos, but, maybe you could try adjusting the bands on the tranny. I'm sure there is a thread somewhere to help you do this.

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I am planning on trying the band adjustment this week as soon as i find some time. I cleared the codes after the TPS install and VSS check. Like i said it still slipped, so i checked today to see if any codes were present and there were none.


That would (at least i think) point to a mechanical problem like a band adjustment.



And I tried to manually put the car in 3rd gear when it’s hung up and that does not work it will rev like it's in neutral untill you slow down to around 60 or under and then you can accelerate. Just like using your foot.



Also if it’s any help it does it more when temp outside is cold. Even after warm-up.



I guess what I’m trying to determine is if it is a Mechanical or Electrical problem like a bad sensor or TCU. Worse case I could get a Trans and swap it out but don’t want to do all that work and still have the same problem because it’s not in the Trans.



Thanks for replying. And anymore help would be welcome.


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