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Yesterday Jeff and crew came up from washington to give me a hand with my brat... everything went great! i got my brake rotor in and working...


the rotor is funny on its own... i couldn't find a rotor here in Canada... i phoned napa, lordco then eventually the dealership... the dealership could get one... but 3 weeks and 80 bucks from japan... well i got mine from Jeff, brand new, for 20 bucks and on the box it said MADE IN CANADA...


then we drove it up and down my driveway a bit and made sure it worked... then we went for poutine... it was funny because jeff couldn't figure out how to say poutine... i said it for him a dozen times... then he just pointed at the picture when we ordered...


then we went shopping at princess auto... as soon as we got inside and saw a set of ratchet wrenches for 10 bucks they went nuts... i turned away from them for a second then i heard, "OOOOO winch center!" and they were gone...


all in all a great day... next weekend i'm gonna go for a drive...:D maybe i'll roll over mile 30 on the odo!:rolleyes:


thanks Jeff!

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No problem Greg. Good to see that you got that thing to "burn out" or get "tested" in the drive way. You'll have to come down and check out the sub shop and all the sub stuff we got down here. Make sure that you got your birth cetificate and all the leagal papers to get to and fro. Thanks for lunch and all the fun. A few of us are going to come back up in a couple weeks to go get wrenches and stuff I'll be sure and let you know that way you can order me french fries and gravey right. At least now we'll all be able to convoy together to the sub show. Get that thing insured and enjoy.

ps Cody won't take off that Canada welding hat. he looks like a retard.




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