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I haven't posted in FOREVER. An update, I had to get rid of my poor poor 91 Legacy. It blew it's head gasket, and I didn't have the extra time or money (school and all) to fix it up. Looking back, I probably could have gotten a carport and just messed with it until it ran again. I put it up for sale, and some guy ran into the side of it, but immediately offered to buy it. He lives near my parents, and they have spotted it driving around town, but I believe it's main function is a farm vehicle. :-( Oh well. I now have a 94 Plymouth Sundance Duster, with a 3.0L Mitsu V6 and a 5 MT in it. It has helped me remember the fun I used to have in the Scoob, (though the shifter leaves much to be desired...) So far I've just had to replace the timing belt and water pump, otherwise it has been good to me so far. Still, I have plans for the future. Once out of college I want to:

1. Get my hands on a nice Legacy GT wagon, MY05 or thereabouts, for daily transportation with minor modifications (boost timer, suspension, intake, etc.)

2. Get a hold of a 90 or 91 Legacy in dire need of TLC (I don't like the smoothed look of the 92-94 front ends), and make it my little track-day project :D


In any event, I have nowhere near the cash or capital necessary for such toys, but within the next few years, I hope to make it a reality.


Temporarily Mopar,



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Ooooooooh, its good! I have a 99' obw and really like it. i went from a ford expedition. I love the mpg and the way it handels. Plenty of room and goes great threw the snow. It also tows my snowmobile very well. Its an auto trans, and i still really like it. no probs sofar 80,000 on it. I would get another one if I ware this one out. I got this one from the orig owner and they got a new one, there 4th one, so that says something.

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Bought my 95 impreza L in april/may of 2004 after wanting an impreza for about 2-3 years before that. It had roughly 96k miles on it. It ow has 110k on it(i have a short commute to school and back and didnt get much time to travel this past summer.


Anyways, what a dream. Its a turn-key motor with no issues what so ever(1st gen 2.2L's are amazing). Its smooth and quiet and doesnt burn or leak one fluid.


I have a bit of torque bind, i think, but am looking to remedy that and only is noticable when driving around in a tight(almost at steering wheel lock) circle in a parking lot.


I also have some rust in the rear quater panel, but will be fixing that shortly. mechanically tho, she is sound.


I did have to replace a cv joint because i think i ripped the cv boot off road.

Speaking of off road, wow. These cars are troopers. I pray for bad weather, seriously. My eyes light up when it snows, and rain = mud= awsome.


I like the confidence of awd but know its limitations and that has kept me safe and happy and full of good times. Subarus are great. There are a few things to watch out for(like the gen1 2.5L motors) but really, good maintence will provide you will a long life for the car, even if you are alittle rough on it(off road is inevitable).


I for one signed up for various message boards(rs25.com) because of all the positive things about subarus. I am a subaru freak and as long as we have gasoline to burn, i will burn it in a subaru.

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Well, I've been offline for a few days now, because I was taking Emily (my Subaru) on a road trip to help a friend move into a new condo. On the trip, I experienced every kind of weather you can throw at a car (one section was even "chains required, but when I told them I was driving an AWD Subaru, they waved me through), and she handled it all with grace and poise. I have 185K on her now and she still runs like a top. I can still run way up past 100MPH, and I get 27MPG on the highway with the cruise set to 85MPH. I did get a record tank on this trip: I set the cruise to 65 to see what kind of difference it would make. I got 31MPG that tank, after putting 416 miles on after fillup, and the refill only took 13gals. . .

Largest load I can think of was the time I put a Mustang 5.0 on a tow dolly and pulled that over a mountain to get it home to work on it. . . Dolly and pony totaled up to 1K lbs more than the weight of the car. . . pulled just fine though.

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