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new subaru offroad video soon!_!

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soon to be made. i have alot of old digital footage or morganm and i rollin offroad in stock and modified subarus. brats, wagons, hatches.

and im about to add alot more footage to my offroad archives. morganm and i are heading to this big offroad event this comming weekend, and im bringing two 1 gig memory cards!_! whoohoo


it'll either be good footage of us stompin on some jeep guys or us gettin broke. either way should be fun...

burned to cd and/or dvd of course =]


others should do the same, there needs to be more subaru offroad videos out there.

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Sign me up for a copy!



BTW - I am also working on a video as well. Right now, it's up to about 29 minutes put to music.

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hrm, so my digi camera shoots 40 second videos at one time =/


so... i got a buncha subaru moneyshots! just the business stuff. no gettin there, no technical stuff... just hittin hills, up and down them. in cab movies, and outside shots. some lifted subaru burnouts and drifting!_! :drunk:

sorry, my tires dont smoke that much.


comming very soon, in the marketplace, with a nice twist...

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