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I am kinda new here so I don’t know if this is appropriate here. All I can say is a Subaru can do anything, or be turned into anything!


This thing is TOO much :banana::grin::lol: .

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Of course it qualifies for old gen. Its got a loyale clutch in it, couldn't you tell?


This bloke has been making custom projects for 20 years. He has no degree, just some know how and great ideas... and no text books getting in the way. He built it all so he could drive it on the road, but when he applied they said it was too crazy to drive on the road, i think he was a bit pissed off.


It's a one and only, though he is thinking of making another that is for gravel for the race to the sky hill climb. Awesome machine... i really want one. It was actually at a World Rally round in NZ, the creator was they're talking to the WRC drivers. I bet they were both jealous of each others car:drunk:. I would have tested them both out to get an unbiased opinion of which was better.

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