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Impreza OBS: Give it a lift?

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Hi all,


After seeing all the older GLs and Brats decked out for off-roading and seeing a few pics of the Scorpion lift kit on an Impreza OBS, I started wondering what my MY00 OBS would look like with a lift kit, tires, light bar, and push bar..... (Hmmmmmm.....)


I know the older Subes had a 4WD system and not an AWD system. However, IIRC the engines in them were rated at about 60 - 80 H.P. so I'm wondering if my AWD sytem with the 142 H.P. 2.2L (5 spd) could handle those things that the older Subes used 4-low for.


Has anyone seen some of the CG8 wagons fitted out for mild off-roading? Pro/Cons when compared to the GLs and Brats?





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There is no point lifting a "off road" vehicle unless you plan to put on larger tires. And then when you install larger tires, you have to change the gearing to compensate for the tires.


If you have money to burn, go for it. If not, save your money and buy a true off road vehicle.

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