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took off my carburator silencer

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The black circular thing with two hoses running from it, one goes to a thing on the intake manifold area, and one runs to the tree that connects the PCV valve with it and turns into a smaller tube to run into your air box. But under my hood, I've rearranged the lines. The PCV valve has it's own PCV grommet and filter. I took the silencer off, so when it is warming up, it's a little throatier!


What it does is, air injection to the exhaust for when there might be a chance that you have some unused fuel in your pipe... so it adds some air to hope to combust it. Andrew informed me of what it was after I asked about the black little box... it's just a silencer.


MY girlfriend was like "is that what happens when you take off that silencer thingy?" I was like "hehe... yeah." "oh, great."


She's not a big fan. ;)


Anyhow, try it, and listen to the car before it gets warm. It's interesting.

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