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Hello all.

This is my first post to this board. I recently purchase a 1995 Impreza wagon L AWD with 139K miles. Very nice car overall (cost me just $600), but there are some issues. I will have to do the rear brakes and some muffler sections. Still need to get under the car to see what sections of pipe are needed, but can anyone suggest a site for good and cheap replacement parts?


Biggest problem with the car is that there is motor oil leaking onto the exhaust just under the tranny - I think it is where the two header pipes join. I need to get under there and degrease etc and look for the trouble spot, but I was wondering if there is a common gasket or other failure that would cause this problem?


Thanks for your input. Looks like a great board, glad to join!:headbang:


My 2nd job:

1995 Impreza L wagon 139K

1993 Toyota king cab 4x4 pickup 65K

1995 Saab 900 SE turbo 125K

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The rear inspection cover often loosens up and leaks, and it would end up leaking out right where the tranny and engine meet. That, and rear cam seals often leak, causing oil to appear in much the same area.

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Thanks for the input. I will try to get under there ASAP and see what I can find.


Can anyone suggest a good DIY manual for this car - Haynes or alldata or what?



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