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XT Turbo MPFI loss of power

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I will start from the beginning......

Car had a coolant leak, took car into subaru dealership to repair, after leaving notice loss of power when turbo Light on the dash lights up, took car back to dealer, they tell me nothing is wrong with it. about a month lather I get a knocking sound, decide to rebuilt engine and noticed block was cracked inside oilpump area, replaced engine, but still have the same power loss problem from the turbo, the car has both newer engine and turbo in it, new plugs, cap rotor and wires, and it still has the same problem.



Car now idles fine at start up, but when hard excellerating the car bucks and sometimes feels like the engine is going to quit, car will excel fine with normal excelleration up to 90MPH, (i did not try to go any faster) then when I stop the car dies, but willstart right back up again and idle normal.


I am at the end of my knowledge of this car, can anyone help me with any ideas where to go next.


87 Subaru XT Turbo, 1.8Lt EA82 MPFI.



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Well after finally getting around to reading the post on here, (which I should have done first), I looked at the error codes and found quite a few...


23- Air Flow Meter or circuit

31- Throttle sensor or circuit

32- o2 sensor or circuit

44- Wastegate duty solenoid


Well, my question now, before I go changing all these parts out, is, would a bad ground somewhere on the Vehicle cause all these to happen at once, basically meaning the circuit for oll the above is where the problem is, not so much the actual part?


I ask this cause the green test connector in the trunk no longer is connected to ground so it causes issue when timing the vehicle, I have to ground it to the vehicle to time it. or am I just making things worst?


anyway this site is awsome, lots of info here, some I have been looking for forever cause the dealers are keeping it secret so you just buy a new car form them instead......



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Check all of your grounds, and then check to make sure that the timing is set properly.


I had an RX that the *ONLY* thing wrong with it was....its was set for about 4 deg of timing. It did what you are describing....however, it may not be the case with yours but check it anyways.

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Yeah that lost me too, I put the meter on it, it reads a short right now. I cleared the codes and now if I unplug the wastegate solenoid, I get a current error code for it,(CEL is on) plug it back in and the code goes away. cleared again and now I am getting all different codes...


34 EGR Solenoid or Circuit


35 Purge Control Solenoid or Circuit

42 Idle Switch or Circuit

51 Neutral Switch (Manual Transmission Models)


I definately have a ground problem here somewhere.


I will have to pull wires and ohm 'em all out. maybe replace them all...



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