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holy crap check out ebay.

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kinda funny how this car reminds people of everything BUT a subaru.......

Well, there are some distinctly Subaru things about it - like no metal frame for the side windows, and the doorhandles are very Subaru


By the same token, the front seatbelts are almost identical to the 510 (lap and sholder belts can be seperated), and the "Fasten Seat Belts" light is EXACTALLY like the 510 - both Nissan and Subaru probably used the same suppliers


I'm surprized it is at 2k too - wish I could buy it, but I would be far too tempted to swap the motor for a 1600, and mod it ....

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Hey guys,I'm hoping that Andrew "WagonsOnly" is going to jump in and try to get that car.If you guys aren't 100% serious,please don't bid.We'd really like to see it up here.....REALLY like to see it.:)

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Well...if only it was closer...



...I wouldn't have a 1,000 mile ride back home :banana::banana::banana:


I'm going down the weekend of the 21st to pick it up, wish me luck! (And if you can forward me emergency contact info, just in case anything happens--I'd really appreciate it!)




Yes, it's going to a good home. A board member, even.

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