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I need the valve clearances for a 98 EJ22 preferably in mm. This is for an engine that is out of the car and the manuals I have do not list them anywhere that I can see. Are they the same as an EJ25? I need both intake and exaust clearances so i can adjust these valves.

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So it is here when someone else is looking

[from my EJ22, 1997 factory manual]
Valve clearance:

Intake: 0.20+/-0.02mm (0.0079+/-0.0008 in)

Exhaust: 0.25+/-0.02mm (0.0098+/-0.0008 in)


A lot of people search for stuff like this, I am sure we have it somewhere in here, this came up first in my Google search, so I answered this one...

It looks to me like EJ25 is the same?  If not someone more knowledgeable will correct me!?

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