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XT6 Wet Nitrous Dyno results

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Car: 1989 2.7ltr FWD Subaru XT6

Mods: Intake, pulley, exhaust, etc.....

along with NX Express nitrous kit.


I did 4 pulls two days ago. 2 without nitrous and two with nitrous. I was foolish in my testing and just didn't give a crap. Timing is advanced pretty far due to Delta Cams and I never retarded them (making me the retard). I just didn't care so please excuse the jagged lines in the nitrous results.


Also, my bottle heater decided to go on vacation just before my dyno runs so my bottle pressure remained lower than it should've been. It came back from vacation on the drive home. I expected weird engine/mod gremlins from this car at some point. It never let's me down. :rolleyes:


Test runs where done from the bottom of 1st gear all the way up until it shifted out of 3rd gear. Nitrous was turned on in 2nd gear. I was most interested in what happened in 3rd gear.


Here's the hp comparison before and after the nitrous was thrown of all 4 runs.




Hp went up from 102hp to 141hp at the wheels.



Here's a torque graph of all 4 runs in 3rd gear.



Torque went up from 108-109lbs-ft to 145-149lb-ft. Not bad with only a 50 shot. It'll be interesting to see what happens with a bottle heater.


Here's a clearer picture of what happened during my runs. These graphs are of the XT6 in each gear. All the hp and torque info is clearer and no missing lines. Note the jagged nitrous lines. I believe (pretty much know) it's timing related. I'll be more professional and less pessimistic next time. I know what I need to do. I'll retard timing about 2.5 degrees or so, be sure my bottle heater is working and at the right psi and change my spark plugs to 1 degree colder (I have some sitting right next to me....duh). I'm shooting (literally) for a 75hp shot or so. I'll post up the results when I get to it. :drunk:




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damn...thats pretty cheap. Is it avalible for AWD for the same rate?


Yep! Everytime I went for the RX turbo, it was $50. Actually it's $53 ($3.00 tax).

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wow.....lean again.....closer...but you should be in the 11's for AFR especially with nitrous


The dyno operator says that the reading you see on the dyno is offset by 1 if you have a cat converter. So my 12:0.1 is actually an 11:0.1 with nitrous. If I did not have a cat converter, then the 12:0.1 would actually be a 12:0.1.


Will, if things go right, that old school 'record' is coming down......on the juice. :brow: I'll adjust the timing and everything Saturday when I'm not working. Muhahahaha!

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ah ok...so they just stuck the wideband in the tailpipe.


i stick mine int he downpipe...



You know, people can take this a lot of ways. :lol: U sick bastige!


Back to the topic.

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