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My '78 Brat might be getting a couple brothers...

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thats right. I found a pair of gen 1 Brat in Casper yesterday. Right across the street from my buddy's girlfriend's house in a guys yard how seems to be a Subaru freak as well. The first one I saw is an '80 Brat in beige with the EA71, single range 4wd... well yeah. It has a little bit of body damage to the driver side fender but nothing fixable. Also has a bul bar and single round headlights. Its currently sitting on stacked rims and has a wagon seat sitting in the bed under the LOW topper...


The second one I didn't see until later since it was next to a shop. It's the famous '81 dual range, EA81 Brat. Dark blue in color, has one wheel missing. Full GL setup including the tach cluster, quad headlights, JUMP SEATS, low rollbar... well you get what I'm talking about. Unfortunatly, it's dying of cancer and probably not worthwhile to fix the mass amounts of rust in the rockers, doors, and around the rear fenderwells.


So anyways, after I had to clean my pants cause I crapped myself, I was going to go talk to the owner. He wasn't home and no one was... damn. Well I'm gonna go see if he'll sell them as a pair and strip the '81 and swap it all into the '80... and then lift it;)

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