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PCV System Questions!!!!!

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Ok here's the deal, I just got my GL-10 back up and running and when I pulled the motor out 6 months ago half the PCV Hard Pipes and hoses broke off in the process, I need someone with a EA82-T to take some engine bay pics for me of the PCV System Routing.


I can't figure out how it was routed and I can't find any info.

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IIRC, on the passenger side, there is one hose from the intake pre-turbo to the pass. side valve cover.


On the driver side, it goes from the valve cover to a 'T'. One side of the 'T' then goes to the PCV valve. The other side goes through the half 'U' shaped hose to the plastic tube with three stubs on it. One stub goes into the block just infront of the tranny. The other goes back into the intake before the turbo.


If this isn't enough, I can take some pictures later.


This is off of an 85 turbo wagon, which I presume would be similar to yours.


good luck

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