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Could somebody help me out?

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I posted about emissions problems a while back. My car has a used Japanese engine in it, therefore it has Japanese emissions stuff which doesn't fly in America. The issue is either with the AIS or EGR system, I can't remember which. On my car, the system only goes to one head, but on US engines it goes to both heads.


Here's where I need help:

Being away from my other cars, I can't look at a US market engine to find out what is exactly different and if it can be attached to my engine. Could somebody who has a US market engine (ea82 carbed) in their car go out and take a look at it for me? Simply examine the AIS and EGR systems. For each one: Does it go to both heads or just one? Is the attachment at the head a bolt-on thing (as I think the AIS is) or is it part of the head itself? (i.e. can it be removed from an engine that has it and put onto an engine that doesn't have it?)


If somebody would do this for me, I would be forever in debt to them. If I can retrofit the US emission systems onto my engine, then I won't have to be separated from my beloved Roxanne, which would be excellent.


Thanks in advance.

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Mine came with only one stock, and that's what I refitted to my japanese engine. I used everything from the original motor except the block itself. Yours should run fine with just one, mine does.


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My '86 wagon is out for repair, but when I have it back, I could take pictures for you and send them. Let me know if you have broadband; my photos are about 250K and I don't know how to get them to smaller filesize.

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