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92 Legacy Wagon Automatic Transmissions Problem HELP!

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1992 Legacy L Wagon AWD 118000 mi

Yesterday, after I backed up (at a rather high rate of speed) I shifted back to drive, I was stuck in 3rd gear. It remains that way now, If I shift into 1, the car will barely move, shift into second, and I can get up to speed, but still, in third gear, no matter where I shift, or how fast I go, it stays in 3rd. fluid level is good, fluid not burnt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Where you still moving pretty fast in reverse when you put it into drive?


It's possible the TCU is freaking out. You could try resetting it by pulling the EGI/TCU fuse for 20 minutes.


Other possibility is one of the accumulators got stuck or something broke.

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