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Meeky Moose

run problems still :/

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this all started when i put a new axle in the left front..


started to run poorly at idle, sometimes it won't idle, others it will, is popping out the exhaust on deceleration..


i know, the cv axle has nothing to do with it.. but thats when all this started..



today i get a new weber put on it, and its still doing the same friggin thing.. runs fine as long as your givin it gas, otherwise it'll either die, or (if adjusted) will idle at 2k rpm's and thats iffy..


its got a new accell coil, plugs, carb, exhaust (de-emissioned)


its naked under the hood, no egr, no nothing just a motor and a carb really.

all vacuum ports on the intake have been plugged, the disty vacuum is going to the carb.


there are no exhaust leaks at all, hell it doesn't even leak any oil.. but it won't idle.. is drivin me insane. am about ready to pull that axle back out and see if that fixes it..


anyone have any ideas on this?

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Popping/crackling out the exhaust normally indicates a lean condition. That and no idle below 2000rpm make me think vacuum leak.


Assume nothing, check everything… even weird stuff like a perforated diaphragm on the disty advance.



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ohh forgot to say, when it sittin there half assed idling, it almost sounds like its either missing or not getting fuel at a steady pace (fuel pump, filter, and all lines are new )


if its not raining tomorrow i'm gonna go slap a stock coil back on it.. (have had accells go bad)

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