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A gen 1 is leaving my belonging shortly

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Unfortunatly, I have to find my '79 4wd wagon a new home since I have no more room and have to get rid of something. I will still have my '78 Brat but the wagon was my first gen 1 and was the reason I became a gen 1 lover. She has a lot of time and money into her but she sits in Oregon, over 15 hours away taking up my mom's parking spot in the driveway. Dad says to move it and I have nowhere to move it to so she's gotta go. I'm sad that I have to sell her but I have no way to fix her or get her back here since I have no room either and my landlord would crap her pants. So besides letting all of the gen 1 owners know, here is the post in the Marketplace http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=36971

Someone in Oregon who is a gen 1 lover, please give her a good home or she'll have to go to Subaru Heaven which she's not ready for:( It's a very sad day in my world right now and no one in my house seems to understand what kind of compassion I have given my dear little wagon... Time to go cry in the Brat, maybe it'll cheer me up since I still got it:(


I do still have both of my Camaros but they won't be getting sold. I had to make the tough decision of either selling a Camaro or selling the wagon and since both of the Camaros are already in parking spots that don't need to be used, then its the wagon.

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