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Money in the Bag --> 1984 Brat

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So I just picked up a 1984 Brat w/ 177,800 on it and a Hi/Lo 4SPD in excellent mechanical condition. dbanana.gif


I am thinking that this will be a temporary arrangement. I want to keep it for a while but would like to slowly improve it at low cost.


Here's what I'm thinking:


new radiator

EA82 adjustable shocks

Honda springs (2" higher ride?)

bull bar and roll bar if I can find them

Repaint done by me w/ no experience - just so it looks decent

fix up chrome trim and missing badging

14" Pugeot steels w/ ~ 26" tires


I am looking for the Brat to be little bigger and slightly more aggressive for off-roading and rallying. I imagine that I'll want a webber and open exhaust at some point.


Anyhow, Let me know what you all think. It seems like it would be a fun project. I would like to make $$ buy building this sucker up and selling it sometime this winter (possibly).


Anything you guys would add to my list (or remove)? What are the chances that I could make this profitable?

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It is very hard to make money on older vehicles, my father thinks that just cuz you can buy an 84 Wagon for $100 it is a good deal. But it take new axles, seats, tune-up, radiator, etc, pretty soon you are in it $700, not including your labor, and what do you have? A $1000.


Unless you have that stuff laying around it will probably cause you more to fix up than it it going to be worth. Which is fine if you plan on keeping it, but not ok if you main goal is to make money off of it.

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i agree... unless you sell it the day you buy it, you will never get your money back out of it.


lift it, floor it, beat it, junk it...

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Alright, good point - I won't make money on it. But it's still 'Money in the Bag.' I got a Brat and it will be cool.


no doubt about that. brats are good stuff... your first one? they get almost as many looks stock, as my lifted hatch does...


just tryin to be realisitc =] cars are money holes for me. some people make them profitable tho...

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