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Converting to EJ22?? .... Here's you're radiator

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I put this up in the marketplace, but probably wasn't seen by the retrofitting people.


$100 plus shipping. Its a 2 row loyale radiator that has had the inlet/outlets changed to 1.5 inch legacy diameter. I ran my car for 1 year with this radiator so its essentially brand new with zero leaks and no problems at all. I bought it new for over $200 and it cost $100 to have the inlet/outlets converted. Have receipts for it as well. I believe it would be a shame to toss this radiator out, because someone doing a EJ22 into a loyale could really use this radiator.


Here's the photo album


Also for $30, I can ship the ultra low 2 inch clearance 14" spal fan with it. Its the lowest clearance fan on the market.


Why selling? The way my engine was done, there isn't a lot of clearance in the front when using a 2 row radiator. Keeps the engine cool when not using A.C. even on a hot day.

But when pulling a load and running A.C. on a hot day, I haven't been able to get fans that pull enough air without running out of clearance.....so I went with a 1 row aluminum radiator so I can have more clearance, pull more air, and run A.C. on a hot day without having any concern about heat at all.


Remember this radiator works fine for cooling a legacy engine with NO problems, unless.... your radiator/engine clearance is 2" or less, you're running AC on a hot day, and your car is loaded with 400lbs of music P.A. gear. Under those circumstances I couldn't get rid of enough heat WHEN running AC on a hot day, so I just skipped running AC on hot days, and the car was fine.


There's the info, post a reply if you're interested. --E

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