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Dear sirs,


Please could you advise me the max boost settings I can use on the EVC IV on a 1996 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon Jap Import.

I have just bought a Wrx import and it is fitted with a Hks EVC IV.It was working when I bought the Car with the dump valve etc, but when it was SVA'd they diconected 1 of the hoses and discounected the unit, because it was linked to a turbo timer.

Now it has been reconected ,and I have reset it as the instruction that I downloaded from your site.l just want to know the max boost settings I can use without causing any damage to my turbo.The turbo is a Type TD04L.and part no 14412AA140.I hope you can advise me.I was going to set it to 1.2 bar for high boost setting and 0.85bar for low boost setting,or should I set it lower.Please could you advise me


Many thaks,



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