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Ever since I got my 2002 Impreza RS 2.5 it has had an issue with the A/C. It would cycle from cold air to tepid air about every 15 to 30 seconds. I took it to the dealer and was told that it was operating normally so I just thought it was sort a quirky system and lived with it because it tended to keep the interior cool.


Lately, however, it will sometimes not come back from the warmer air and I will essentially be getting regular outside vented air. If I turn it off and then turn it on again it MAY start working again. When it is working the air is nice and cold but it is still cycling back and forth. It may work for a while or it may go back to warm air after it does one of it's cold to "not cold" to cold cycles.


Any ideas what's causing this? I'm not a "car person" so any pointers to manuals that could show me how to fix this would be more than appreciated. I love the car other than this and would like to fix it myself if possible.



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