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The contacts in the headlight switch of my 2000 Outback are bad. I saw a post from a person whose headlights would turn off when they used the turn signal. Mine has the same problem. I can jiggle the switch and hear the relay turning on and off. I'm assuming the switch itself can't be repaired and the entire turn signal stalk will have to be replaced. I haven't yet taken the steering column cover off yet. Has anyone done this replacement before? Is it a lot of work? Any tips?

I'd hate to think what a new turn signal stalk will cost at the dealer, so I'm going to look around on the internet for used parts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Guest jclay

I had to do the same thing on my old '94 legacy, and it wasn't terrible. On that car anyway, once the column cover was off, the actual stalk assembly had like three screws...a couple of which were hard to get to, (i'd reccomend a stubby, ratcheting screwdriver) the wiring wasn't too bad, only a matter of disconnecting the correct harness. I think the worst part would be to thread the replacement wiring down through the steering column again for reconnection. As far as a source for the part, I'd try a JY, that way you can learn whats involved before attempting the proceedure on your own car, and save a few bucks in the process...


Good Luck!

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