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Engine Harness pin configurations?

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I've got three EA71 motors and they each have a different pin configuration for the engine harness. Does anyone know how to read the pins? I was going to put a different engine my car and don't know if the harness will work? I suppose if I can remove the intake and disty and can just swap the correct harness for the car. Anyone have any help for me? I also have one engine with a bell housing cover unlike any I have ever seen. There is no hump in the top for the starter to fit into. Maybe this is a 1977 EA71 or 1980. Mine in my car is a 1978 and I know the other is a 79'. Does the automatic tranny cars used the same bell housing cover?

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California engine maybe??


My '77-79 FPM shows 7 different harnesses.


2 in Stage I form up to mid '77 (one Cal,one 49 states)


3 for Stage II late '77 thru '78 (2 different Cal.'s,one 49 States)


and 2 for '79 (one Cali,one 49 states)



As for the bellhousing,sounds like a later EA71-post 1979.

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