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Wife drove it thru the basement of a house. No injuries, it's a miracle!

So I bought a 1993 Loyale for $550 yesterday.


1 owner

204k miles

2wd 5sp

really clean and upkept

forgot to mention cold as ice A/C!!!!


This things a steal! It runs great and no engine noise!

The only thing is a check engine light is on.

Well, I'll post some pics when I find my camera.

Should this be on the new gen board?

Seems like an old gen car, oh well!


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Congratulations on the new car.


It does indeed belong in the old gen section (its in the description on the forum list page;) )


Look up at the top of the page for the link to the USRM. Therein is Skips article on trouble codes, how to check them and what they mean.


Post back after you find the answers if you have any questions on diagnosis, or do a search on the board for related threads.


Welcome to the board!

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Welcome aboard!


May I suggest not allowing your wife to drive it, as well as investing in an immobilizer/kill switch and every security gimmick you can think of. Seems as though you and vehicles have a bit of a rough history.

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could we hear the whole story of what happend to the jeep also that is a steal


Heh, the whole story? I'll have to start back in April of 2004. Went campin with the scouts one weekend, left all our gear in the Honda. 2days later the 3 cars were stolen.

Flashfoward: went campin with the scouts one weekend this May,

left all our NEW replacement gear in the jeep.(which I

recovered later.)

2 days later:

NC back roads have very little if no shoulder and most roads are about 6 inches thick from the ground. Well, the wife went off a bit and pulled the wheel back to the left. When the tire finally caught she went into the oncoming lane towards a UPS truck! (Did i mention this was on a left-hand curve?) So she jerked it back to the right and hit some wet grass(it was early in the morn) and sailed thru the basement of the house, going thru 2 walls, takin out the whole corner, and stopped in the backyard. Luckily it was cinder block about 7 feet high so the actual house wasn't bashed, just the block. It's a miracle noone was hurt(she broke her finger!)




Now, for the Subaru: I checked the codes, i get 5 quick pules then a pause then 5 quick pulses again, over and over. Didn't see that on the USRM. I tried to clear the codes but the light is still on :( Also it seems to be running hot, although it's not actually in the red zone but stays up close. I'm gonna add some coolant and change the thermostat tomorrow.

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RRRRRR!!! Now I got the Subaru tick!!! Just went out to mess with the code thingy, started it up, all was good...then it came!!! I was sooo happy cause it was very quiet, so quiet you almost couldnt tell it was running, but now, arrg!!!

Maybe the oil broke down from runnin hot? I killed it and restarted, it doesnt do it right off, not intil it runs for a minute or I start revvin, then it comes and doesn't go away. Well, time for it's first oil change by me. I'll get the Mystery oil i guess? Thanks for your input guys!

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Welcome to the boards!!! May I say that you have a very colorful history with vehicles(I mean nothing bad by it). The Loyale is a keeper for sure.;)


If you are trying to get rid of the lifter tick, Marvel Mystery Oil should do the job. If not, try out a can of SeaFoam. This is some goooooood stuff, I tell you what! It will usually do the trick when nothing else will. Just remember to run it before you change your oil. If the tick is still there, then you might have to look into getting the lifters replaced.





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