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running rich

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Hi a have a 90 subaru and she is running rich took it to a garage and they installed new timing belt and then said that they could'nt get it running. Looking for some help on the timing marks on timing belt, do you go of the marks on pulleys and the single on crank?? Or do you time it off the arrows inside the pulley? Any help would be great!!!!!!!

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Alrighty, this is any easy job to mess up the first time if you haven't done it before. Just don't let them tell you the valves are screwed now, since they aren't.


This used to be in the USRM, but has been removed for security reasons for the time being.




Line up the three marks on the flywheel with the arrow thing on top of the bellhouse. Note that these marks are not the degree markings for timing it.


Move the driver side cam so the dot is aligned to 12:00 (straight up). Should be a dot or something similar on the timing belt cover.


Install the driver side belt.


Crank the engine over ONCE by hand and align the three marks on the flywheel again. The driver side cam dot will now be at 6:00 (straight down)


Align the passenger side cam dot to 12:00 (straight up)


Install the passenger side belt.


Crank the engine over by hand a couple times and recheck the cams vs. the flywheel. Each cam should be 180* from each other.


I believe that the belts need to be torqued down to ensure they don't jump a tooth. Do this by putting a spanner wrench on the cam, and appling a little torque in the direction to put slack on the tensioners. This should make sense when you're in there. Tighten down the tensioners and you're good to go.




The most common mistake in this process I believe is installing both belts without turning the engine over once inbetween the belts.


good luck.

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