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auto xing the 79

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A few specks of the car...


1979 DL wagon,

engin ea81 (81 brat)

trany DR4speed (81 brat)

exhost opened up with only a small muffler and side exit just under drivers side rear door.

rear diff welded

front axels taken out.

tires Mud and SNow studded tires(all studds pulled morning of rally at 1am.)


anyway had fun ran the car in high range and only in 1st and 2nd gear. started with a time of 104.?? fastest run was 57.30 something can checkit out at




the car was almost uncontrolable at any time i would step on the gas and it would come around sideways. i was having more problems then anyone in the auto x with being sideways and that with an RX3(tricked out) and a boosted rx7. anyway the rear diff was the cause and it was slow because of it but i had lots of fun that for shure...


was only faster then Martys mom int he vr6 golf shes 80+ :grin:

anyway got alot of comentsfrom the other people in the auto x most of them liked the suby some thought i was going to roll it. as it would pick up the inside rear tire on several corners (the ones i wasnt drifing) and i picked up the inside front tire a couple of times allso i have a small vid of it i will try and get uploaded anyway pix are being up loaded as i speek...

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that's cool and moosens hahaha only if it's not the 76 but the 04 hehe :grin: that way I can actualy have 4wd and such but if it was RALLY X then heck yeah that would be fun (and maybe after I am done with the resto-mod I have planned :grin: )

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