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Time to start the work...

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Well, ive decided what I am going to do with the RX.


I've aquired a 1987 GL-10 Sedan...the oddball one with 2WD 3AT, SPFI...but all the other GL-10 goodies...and it happens to be white.


I'll use the front clip from the sedan to fix the RX. JWX and I are sharing my old 89 RX for little parts here and there...so Ive got a spare fender...or 3 laying around...


I will be using the RX for SCCA Solo2 competition (autocross)...after looking at the costs of the classes I could run in...Stock(H-Stock), Street Prepared(F-Street Prepared), E-Modified, F-Prepared, Street Touring Xtream (STX)...and the ultimate street car class, Street Modified (where I have run the car ever since I got it)...the only 4 classes which would be remotely affordable would be Stock, STX, FSP and SM. However...the car will never be competitive nationally in Stock or STX...so that leaves SM and FSP.


in SM I can do anything I want with the engine and drivetrain as long as the block is of SUBARU origin. JDM EJ swaps and what not are legal...6spd Prodrive transmissions from a WRC car...good to go. Anti-Lag and Launch control? OK too. shove 335/35/17 race rubber under it with STi brembo brakes? Ok too...bodywork to accomodate those rubbers? OK!


Cost? atleast $15,000...at the minimum. Min weight for the class is 2600 lbs for AWD+TURBO. Civic's with engine swaps...N/A with over 200 hp, front LSD and teeny 13 inch rubbers weighing in at the min for FWD-N/A, 1800 lbs...means no matter what I have alot to compete with. Right now the class dominatiors are the 1995 BMW M3 Lightweight....2200 lbs of RWD German engineering with 450+ crank HP....with active suspenion being legal in the class...its only a matter of time before the top contenders start using it and then the budget skyrockets.


So...FSP. Stock engine, stock turbo, stock boost control...stock interior...most suspension, all of the industion system (leave the stock turbo and boost levels alone) and exhaust system is free.


What am I up against? 1800-2200 lb Rabbits and Civics on 13x9 rims most of the time...those are the class dominators. All FWD and N/A. they *might* have 120 hp at the wheels...I've got 105hp/135tq to ALL 4 WHEELS. That and in SP you can do whatever to differentials. can you say...Front LSD, and STi 12kg center? I can. :headbang:


I talked to several people about the car already...several of them trophy winners at Nationals, and a few National champion...after seeing the car in action with what little I have done to it...they seem to think that when prepped to the max for FSP, it will be quite a car to contend with.


So...now I need to go find my stock turbo...done...and a TWE downpipe...damn, I sold mine! Oh well, i know where some are. :D


Anyhow...so....got my stock hood back...and the boost controller is gone...and the boost control is to 'stock' as per 1986 specs...as update/backdate rules specify. :headbang:


As soon as I get the sedan to the shop, the operating shall commence, and the RX will be alive again. :banana:

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