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Structurally speaking, what are the danger spots for rust on the older legacies? i am not concerned with door panels or quarter panels, but things like suspension mounting, etc. One guy told me that the rear wheel control arms mountings can rust out causing the rear wheels to spread apart! Is this true? What other things should I check for?

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I was under the 10 year old legacy last night, and didn't see much rust at all, but I did find some in the area you were talking about. There is a crossmember (which is what the differential and rear suspension arms bolt to) that is starting to rust.



Has anyone heard of or tried POR-15 paint? I read on another website that it works great to preserve and protect rusty frame and suspension components.


It is supposed to be painted over rust, to form a bond with and protect the surface.


Check it out...




Matt D

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