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New here--anyone UPstate NY?

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We're moving to Plattsburgh, NY, from Philly this coming Monday. Anybody here around there?


This will be our first long drive in our new Forester, complete with two scotties.



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I'm just north of Albany, in Troy NY. There's a board member out in Rochester, too... can't remember anyone else off the top of my head.

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I live in Mineville, NY about an hour South of Plattsburgh.

I also went to college at Plattsburgh State.

It's a nice little city, with a unique blend of redneck and more liberal culture (P-burgh has a Republican Mayor, who also happens to be openly gay...go figure :rolleyes: )

So anyway, welcome, and good luck. I hope you end up liking it here. Lots of Subes, mostly newer ones (watch the rust, it's a killer up here).

oh, and BTW, The big Subie dealership/service specialist in P-Burgh is Bill McBride's but I've found their mechanical work to be less than stellar and always overpriced, and they tend to not stand behind their work. After I quit them, I got a brake job and some other work done at the Midas place near the mall and they seemed really decent...

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