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brush guard find

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Hi all,

I'm new to the USMB so forgive me if this is out of line, but I recenlty came across a 1977-1979 Subie wagon in the woods near my home. It was pretty well trashed but the brush guard was nearly perfect with the exception of some surface rust. I took it off and was going to turn it in to a shelf in my garage but, well, it is too damn heavy. And besides someone mentioned it might have some value. If anyone is interested email me and we can talk.

Also I am the proud new owner of a 2003 Legacy LE that my wife and I love, but it is a bit slow. I'm looking into adding a K&N filter and maybe reprogram the computer if I can find someone that does it. Any thoughts?


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Hey glad to have you aboard :D


Your legacy question is prolly more directed to the New Generation forum. Not that somebody cant help you here but there is a larger audiance to your question.


I would also suggest posting a For Sale (FS) message in the Marketplace for your brush guard. I"m sure it will sell :)


Hope to see you around the USMB!

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HEy all thanks for the great feed back. I posted my ?? re: the 2003 legacy to the newbie gen forum too. As for the FS...I think I'll do that tomorrow. I think it is really cool but I am an inherent car guy and if someone could get some use out of it...other then a shelf. HAHA ANyway I really don't know what to ask for it. Any ideas what it's worth? If anyone on the list gets Autoweek magazine, last week there was an article in the back about the BRat. The brush guard on the Brat in the pic is the one I've got.


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